Monday, November 29, 2010

work oh work

I went to BB Plaza and Times Square yesterday for a vacancy but how sad I didn't get any of them. I really need a job. I'm getting bored staying at home for the whole day. well it isn't that bored but all I really need are MONEY, actually. and today I'm going to KLCC with Tasya to look for any vacancy. oh God, please give me any job. please!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

miss quadrilita & miss xperia

oh oh oh, thing two loveeelyy things!! they makes me feel like grrr! I really really want it and I MEAN IT okayy! oh pleasee, I hope I get a good job and could buy them with my own salary. I'll buy them, as promised to myself. do pray for me kays. hee.

oh BABIES, I really gonna get both of you & make you MINE. grr

Monday, November 8, 2010

prince of Damansara,

Caprice Ariz, yes. I met him when I went to Mist Club with my friends on Feb 2010 if I wasn't mistaken. one of my friend was like, hey that's Caprice oh he's so cute and blah blah blah. but I was just huh? who's Caprice?. seriously! haha. I was dancing with my friend on the stage when Caprice called me and ask for my number. my friend, she's the one who shocked and so jealous. how funny. 'kiss me thru the phone' song being played then Caprice said "this is for the girl in purple dress" which was me. I was like ohh thanks and a bit shy. haha.
but unexpected, Caprice still remember me eventhough it's been awhile since the day I met him. and that's only once. hee.
you're nice Caprice, may God bless you :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

having fun before sem's break :)

I went to Horoscope, a club in Kuantan with my honey Im and my beloved friends Tyra, Eein, Reny, Ayie & Wan last night. I had so much fun dancing with all of them especially Eein. hehe. Im scolded me because I go far from him then some guys in there pull me to dance with them. about 2 person I guess. Im saw it then he came to me and pull me away then scold me. I just wanna have fun and dance, but those guy in there.. urgh. act like they never see any girl before. what the? and many of them ask me for dancing. some repeated. just imagine how annoying? I just ignore them all, seriously. I am so much more happy to dance with my friends rather than with them then for sure I'll be touch everywhere. no way man,you hope! haha. whatever it is, last night was just awesome and I had so so so much fun spending my time with my friends and loved one!

Friday, November 5, 2010

aww :')

for the first time, someone who I called a boyfriend send me a food for eat. and that was Hasanain Hazim. I am so touched. he ask me what I wanna eat when we were texting yesterday, then he send me the food before he went back to work. ohh thanks a lot syg, I love you so much! xoxo

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the official date, finally.

after almost 3month we knew each other, been so closed, looks like more than a friend eventhough our status is just "friend" before, now we are officially in a relationship and being a special one for each other. we have been through so many things together. all those happy memories, sad memories, and problems. only we know how. but after all we've been through we realized that our relationship becomes stronger and hard to let go of each and other. yes, I've heard so many bad things about him. but I know, people can change. even that nice person can become bad, so why can't he? then I let myself put trust on him, believe that he will change. we will together make this thing out. we've promised that.

remember all those words and our promises,
okay mr 85? or Hasanain Hazim =)

p/s: 03nov2010, i love you. hee

Monday, November 1, 2010

mr. 85

do appreciate the chance I gave to you and prove that you're really wanna change. change to better for me. there's many things I've spoke out truly from my heart. and you've promised me right? do not break your promises. do not lie and do not play fool on me. remember that I'm not stupid so don't ever break my heart if you don't want me to break yours. now I hold to you words and promises. stick it inside your mind. I'll make you happy if you make me happy.

01 11 10 tell many stories between us,
i love you <3