Thursday, June 10, 2010

1st special conversation on 16th june 2010.

well it is the first time i talked to him since he asked for my number one day after we have a not-so-long chat on fb. i talked a lot on that first conversation and i don't know why. hee. we get to know each other after almost 2hours on the phone. but he knows about me more than i know about himself i guess. haha. right after telling apart of our life we talked about relationship. i asked him whether he like, or have a crush on someone or not. he said yes but he scared to tell 'that girl' about his feeling. and i was like, hey you shouldn't be that way,you should let others know about your feeling,being accepted or not is a second thing,and blah blah blah. kind of giving advise on my opinion. he was just quiet and listen. right after that, he says to me "what if i say that i like you". and i was like "err but it's all is IF right?i don't like that IF.i just hate to make joke on this topic". then he say "no ignore that IF.what if i say that i really like you and i want you to be my girlfriend?". after some minutes being quiet to decide, then i say "yes". it might looks weird because we never meet or even really really know about each other yet. but i think by different way. for me, it's not about how long you must get to know someone, but it's about how long you'll be with them and how you go through everything together. the most important thing is honesty&sincerity. and i just hope that this relationship will last longer than i ever thought. after almost half a year i've being single. hehe.

oh oh, and that 'he' is..
Ashnan Alang Azisham =)

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