Thursday, June 10, 2010

the best part of our life is being beside a bestfriends and loved one.

6th of june, 2010. celebrating tasya's birthday and was my second date with ashnan. hee. and yeahh, we make a triple date. which was me and ashnan, tasya and zett, fira and dau. by the way, tasya and zett was just make an "official relationship" on that day. haha. we have so much fun together. we sang, we dance, we snap many pictures, we laugh badly. there's a lot of hugs and kisses among us and and ohh, slowdance! it was the first time for me and i am so touched, i mean it. aww =') but in mean time, i feel sad too. well it left only few days for me then i'll be going to pahang to continue my study. leaving them all. however i was so grateful that i had a chance spending my time with them all together in one time, couple by couple. which is all there understands me, as my best buddies and my best partner. ever. and on this same day, i realised how much i love my baby ashnan =) yes i really love you. thanks for the cute notebook and card that you gave to me honey. tasya and fira, i love both of you either. muahh.

jyeah, here is some photos on that day..

haha this is captured by my love while waiting for tasya fira dau and zett.

a bestfriends plus loved ones. oh triple date peeps.

and this me with my love, ashnan.

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