Friday, June 11, 2010

far for future.

12th june 2010. i'll be going to kuantan pahang to continue my study. at the ikip international college. quite sad, to leave my family and friends. and ashnan too! but yeah, i have to. will miss them a lot. especially those crazy friends like tasya,fira,dau,chak,yamin,akid,aidil,anis,haney and many more i can't recall i guess. hee. no matter how far i go, they'll always be in my memory. i love them so fucking damn much!! well actually now i'm waiting for my stepdad. it's already 10.30 and he's not home yet. this boredom of waiting is killing me man. i thought he'll be home while i'm finishing my drawing but, NOPE! sigh.

this is my drawing, hee.

and yeahh, this is my luggage & stuff to ikip.

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