Wednesday, September 29, 2010

photos of Tasya&Zatul's openhouse!

well i just got the photos that we snapped on that day from Haney and Yamin. i was sooo excited to upload them. hee. thanks guys! :)
nothing much to say, just wanna share these photos. ngee.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

empty heart.

sometimes i wonder,
are everyone really mean it when they said they love someone? are they really know the real meaning of love?
i love you, i need you, you are mine, i am yours. those words are too easy to be spoke and be heard now days. but does those words come from sincerity?
and i wonder whether someday i'll get a true lover that speaks to me with full of sincerity, or just a cheater that tell lies?
it's just hard to believe in someone and to believe in love. i didn't meet any true guy yet. will i meet him?and when? i'm not really sure.
for now, i'm just a girl with an empty heart. maybe i'll just wait and let the time tell.

donut, pleasee :(

donut donut donut. idk why but suddenly i feel like eating donut today. i REALLY REALLY want it, i mean.
thanks to Azfar for bringing me to ECM to buy a donut at the Big Apple. but how pathetic, they're already closed when we arrived. urgh stupid. it's just 9.30 p.m when we get there, why must close so early?? urghhh!
i want a donuttttt..!!!

memories of KL Tower.

suddenly i remembered about KL Tower while i was sitting alone at college just now. and i just feel love to share it with others in here. hee.
well i worked there for almost 2 month, at the Restoran Seri Angkasa. aww i really miss that place! i miss the moment i'm having so much fun working "up" there with my beloved cousin and besties, atikah,tasya,fira,haney,aidil,zahin and syamil. and i still remember the moment we sang and dance while waiting for the guests. yeah i admit that we looked stupid but that's the only way we fights our boredom of waiting. huu. and the most memorable time is on the New Year's night. tasya and i dance on the dance floor with our managers. they're so sporting and fun. oh i wish that i could go there again sometimes with them. not for work, but for lunch or dinner and have fun together.

and yeah, i found some photos that we took while we're working. i miss those moment a lott!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

new friend, Wana's birthday.

well it is actually celebrated on 25th sept 2010 at Mist Club, in midnight right after the openhouse.
that was the first time i met Wana with her two girl friends, i can't recall their name. hee sorry. they're so friendly and it's just nice to get to know them. we enjoyed the night with new mates and lotsa fun.

to Wana, Happy Birthday and have a blast darling :)

what a tiring day, all for ptptn!

i woke up this morning by a call from someone, waking me up for classes. thanks to that person. hee.

okay focus on the topic! what make this a tiring day?
i went to bank islam to take a copy of my lost receipt then direct to post office to buy a stamp after the VCL's class before the CTU's class. i was about one hour late to the CTU's class for that.
right after CTU's class, i went to ikip taman gelora to settle up my ptptn with Zira and Tyra. just imagine, we sat in the bus for almost two hours until we get there. but unfortunately, the HEP said that they'll go to ikip taman pertanian tomorrow to settle it. what the? and most stupid sad thing is, we left behind the bus and waited another one hour for Latiff to fetch us. i was like, ouhhhh i'm gonna be crazy man, with this hot weather then i started talked nonsense and sang stupid songs. howww stupid.
but know what, we took an opportunity to snapped a pictures while waiting for my ptptn's papers. hee.

just upload some here to share with others =P

Sunday, September 26, 2010

my blog's num 1 fan?

there's one guy said me that he wanna be my blog's num 1 fan, right after he read my blog. eventhough my posts didn't reach even a dozen. oh how sweet, haha. and i must recently update my blog since he have become my blog's fan and he knew that i was too lazy to update it sometimes. hee. i'll try to make myself my hand my fingers enjoy typing the keyboard and update my blog. pray for it. hehehe. thanks anyway mr A :)

tasya&zatul's openhouse on 25th sept 2010.

for the first sweet time, tasya and i organized an openhouse together. we planned to cook together almost a week before but unfortunately i woke up late that day. haha really sorry tasya, i didn't mean it. hee. but alhamdulillah, everything went nicely.
thanks a lot for whom that came, you're cool guys! love yah!
well now i just wait for those pictures we've snapped on that day, from haney and yamin. will add it in here as soon as possible after i get it akayy! ;)

Friday, September 24, 2010

new life, new me

hello peeps. it's been quite awhile since the last time i updated my blog. there's so much things had happened and so many stories couldn't finish to be tell i guess. especially about living in Kuantan.

first of all, i wanna talk about my status. well i am no longer in a relationship with Ashnan Alang Azisham, my previous boyfriend that been told in this blog. he's now just a guy that full of hatred towards me. maybe it's my fault decided for a break up but i just can't make it i can't be with him anymore. i know that he hate me, until now but all i can say is SORRY. really, i am so sorry. for everything. but u must know that u hurt me too, Ashnan.

i learned lotsa things after the break up and try to change my life to better. thanks to my friends that support me from behind and always try to make me smile.

and yeah, i've knew some nice guy in Kuantan. they are Hasanain Hazim, Muhammad Syazwan and Ashraff Faisal. they're kind, easy going, and funny. i hope that our friendship will last longer.

well all i have now are just friends. other than my family. a friend means everything to me. they brought joy to my life they made my day. without friends we are nothing, believe me.

my super girlfriends in Kuantan :)