Tuesday, September 28, 2010

memories of KL Tower.

suddenly i remembered about KL Tower while i was sitting alone at college just now. and i just feel love to share it with others in here. hee.
well i worked there for almost 2 month, at the Restoran Seri Angkasa. aww i really miss that place! i miss the moment i'm having so much fun working "up" there with my beloved cousin and besties, atikah,tasya,fira,haney,aidil,zahin and syamil. and i still remember the moment we sang and dance while waiting for the guests. yeah i admit that we looked stupid but that's the only way we fights our boredom of waiting. huu. and the most memorable time is on the New Year's night. tasya and i dance on the dance floor with our managers. they're so sporting and fun. oh i wish that i could go there again sometimes with them. not for work, but for lunch or dinner and have fun together.

and yeah, i found some photos that we took while we're working. i miss those moment a lott!!

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