Friday, September 24, 2010

new life, new me

hello peeps. it's been quite awhile since the last time i updated my blog. there's so much things had happened and so many stories couldn't finish to be tell i guess. especially about living in Kuantan.

first of all, i wanna talk about my status. well i am no longer in a relationship with Ashnan Alang Azisham, my previous boyfriend that been told in this blog. he's now just a guy that full of hatred towards me. maybe it's my fault decided for a break up but i just can't make it i can't be with him anymore. i know that he hate me, until now but all i can say is SORRY. really, i am so sorry. for everything. but u must know that u hurt me too, Ashnan.

i learned lotsa things after the break up and try to change my life to better. thanks to my friends that support me from behind and always try to make me smile.

and yeah, i've knew some nice guy in Kuantan. they are Hasanain Hazim, Muhammad Syazwan and Ashraff Faisal. they're kind, easy going, and funny. i hope that our friendship will last longer.

well all i have now are just friends. other than my family. a friend means everything to me. they brought joy to my life they made my day. without friends we are nothing, believe me.

my super girlfriends in Kuantan :)

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