Monday, September 27, 2010

what a tiring day, all for ptptn!

i woke up this morning by a call from someone, waking me up for classes. thanks to that person. hee.

okay focus on the topic! what make this a tiring day?
i went to bank islam to take a copy of my lost receipt then direct to post office to buy a stamp after the VCL's class before the CTU's class. i was about one hour late to the CTU's class for that.
right after CTU's class, i went to ikip taman gelora to settle up my ptptn with Zira and Tyra. just imagine, we sat in the bus for almost two hours until we get there. but unfortunately, the HEP said that they'll go to ikip taman pertanian tomorrow to settle it. what the? and most stupid sad thing is, we left behind the bus and waited another one hour for Latiff to fetch us. i was like, ouhhhh i'm gonna be crazy man, with this hot weather then i started talked nonsense and sang stupid songs. howww stupid.
but know what, we took an opportunity to snapped a pictures while waiting for my ptptn's papers. hee.

just upload some here to share with others =P

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