Sunday, November 7, 2010

having fun before sem's break :)

I went to Horoscope, a club in Kuantan with my honey Im and my beloved friends Tyra, Eein, Reny, Ayie & Wan last night. I had so much fun dancing with all of them especially Eein. hehe. Im scolded me because I go far from him then some guys in there pull me to dance with them. about 2 person I guess. Im saw it then he came to me and pull me away then scold me. I just wanna have fun and dance, but those guy in there.. urgh. act like they never see any girl before. what the? and many of them ask me for dancing. some repeated. just imagine how annoying? I just ignore them all, seriously. I am so much more happy to dance with my friends rather than with them then for sure I'll be touch everywhere. no way man,you hope! haha. whatever it is, last night was just awesome and I had so so so much fun spending my time with my friends and loved one!

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