Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the official date, finally.

after almost 3month we knew each other, been so closed, looks like more than a friend eventhough our status is just "friend" before, now we are officially in a relationship and being a special one for each other. we have been through so many things together. all those happy memories, sad memories, and problems. only we know how. but after all we've been through we realized that our relationship becomes stronger and hard to let go of each and other. yes, I've heard so many bad things about him. but I know, people can change. even that nice person can become bad, so why can't he? then I let myself put trust on him, believe that he will change. we will together make this thing out. we've promised that.

remember all those words and our promises,
okay mr 85? or Hasanain Hazim =)

p/s: 03nov2010, i love you. hee

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