Monday, November 8, 2010

prince of Damansara,

Caprice Ariz, yes. I met him when I went to Mist Club with my friends on Feb 2010 if I wasn't mistaken. one of my friend was like, hey that's Caprice oh he's so cute and blah blah blah. but I was just huh? who's Caprice?. seriously! haha. I was dancing with my friend on the stage when Caprice called me and ask for my number. my friend, she's the one who shocked and so jealous. how funny. 'kiss me thru the phone' song being played then Caprice said "this is for the girl in purple dress" which was me. I was like ohh thanks and a bit shy. haha.
but unexpected, Caprice still remember me eventhough it's been awhile since the day I met him. and that's only once. hee.
you're nice Caprice, may God bless you :)

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